We get asked all the time "Does it matter about the UV protection in the epoxy?". Let's be honest here, If you are applying the epoxy to something that will be in the elements and direct sunlight all the time, every single epoxy on the planet will yellow over time even with the best UV inhibitor added. Mother nature is brutal and over time will yellow if in direct outdoor sunlight.

Adding the UV protection will help dramatically to extend the life of the epoxy yellowing to many years, but again, mother nature is brutal on everything. 

When your finished piece is going to be indoors its a totally different story. If you are using opaque pigments, colors, etc in the epoxy then UV might not matter to you. What matters to you might be the cost based on your application. And to be even more honest as a manufacturer, the H.A.L.S UV inhibitor we use is the most expensive part about getting the product to you. This is why some of the professional epoxy is so expensive.

This is why we have decided to allow you to choose if you would like your epoxy order with, or without UV protection. If you want UV protection, you want our Platinum Series EPoxy which has the highest UV protection available. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our U.V. protection.